We want to support the efforts of young activists creating social pressure to limit the use of plastic bags, as well as any bags or containers containing PET materials. This campaign is intended to reduce the amount of landfill waste and water, air, and soil pollution that occurs based on the choices we make every day.
  • RECYCLE: Up to 30% of manufactured plastic bags and plastic waste can be repurposed.
  • REDUCE COSTS: Reduce the costs associated with removing and sorting recyclable waste brought to landfills.
  • IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Contribute to a cleaner environment and protect the ozone layer.
Our activists are directly involved in the campaign by demonstrating just how flimsy these plastic bags really are. Their videos seen on tablets, smartphones, and computers throughout the country. Anyone who supports us will receive 3 large designer shopping bags (made from recycled materials) for carrying around personal belongings and shopping items alike. These bags are tough, big, and strong. They’re made from a PP woven material used by businesses around the world. You can use these bags again and again without ever generating any plastic waste!