Our goal is to show that even without government support, we can create a better atmosphere to collectively improve the environment through our enthusiasm and actions. Plastic bags are harmful for the environment. Our informational campaign and presentations stress the benefits of using recyclable objects whenever possible—this is in the best interest of maintaining stable, vibrant ecological systems all around us.

In 2010, Diana Cohen, a well-known international activist, spoke to a packed TED Talk audience about the threats that birds are facing due to widespread plastic use. The audience burst into applause at the conclusion of her speech and was awed by some of the beautiful designer birdcages she had brought along with her. She suggested that her audience make some of these designer birdcages of their own.

Her idea was simple—if we continue to treat nature as just another ordinary part of our lives, then we stand to lose a lot of beauty in the future due to our inaction. SOURCES: Jack Canfield, The Success Principles. Activist Dianna Cohen, Tough truths about plastic pollution.

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